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Coastal Connections have a team of dedicated heat pump installers. Based on the Hibiscus Coast we cover Auckland and the greater Auckland areas. Our dedicated team offer you the complete heat pump package from design to install. We are dedicated to completing every install to the highest of standards. We pride ourselves on our honesty, reliability and efficiency.

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Heat pumps have the ability to keep you cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months. It’s no surprise that heat pumps are one of New Zealand’s most popular climate control devices.

What Types Of Heat Pumps Are On The Market?

How to choose what’s right for you

High Wall Unit
Most Common

These are the most common and are very economical to purchase. As the name says these systems consist of a wall mounted indoor unit, making them suitable for almost every home. Often this type of unit is installed back to back with the exterior unit.

Floor Console
Best for High Ceiling

Floor consoles are mounted close to the floor much like European radiator systems. These systems are great for homes with high ceilings. We find that when renovating older properties and replacing night storage heaters these are great like for like replacement. There is no trickery with these units and they work just the same as a wall mount unit. The new modern designs make them look stylish and not out of place in any home.

Ceiling Cassette
Direct Airflow Control

Ceiling cassettes are installed directly into the ceiling recessing like a modern down light. Ceiling cassettes give you more control of airflow as you are able to direct the air to any part of the room. Although these units are more commonly seen in commercial building these are defiantly worth thinking about if you want to keep the floor and walls clear.

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Coastal Connections are Registered Master Electricians. Master Electricians ensure electricians receive consistent training and their knowledge is regularly updated. Master Electricians also supplies a Quality Assurance program and a $20,000 workmanship guarantee.

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