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Live smart. Take technology to the next level.
Home automation, or a smart home operating system, connects virtually all the technology in your home, allowing you to remotely control a range of devices and systems in your residential space, indoor and outdoor.

You can access every home automation feature conveniently at the touch of a button using a single app on just about any mobile device. Your home knows what to do, because it’s intelligently automated. The possibilities of creating a smart home are endless, and it’s highly personalised. Keep it simple with light control or go all the way and connect a range of different devices.

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Technology. Empowering your lifestyle.
The demand for comfort, versatility and energy efficiency in managing the home environment is growing. People want a comfortable, sustainable and safe place to live, and home automation offers an ideal solution.

More convenience and safety along with lower energy consumption, however, can only be achieved by intelligent integration, control and monitoring of all the elements involved. It takes skilled and experienced professionals, like Coastal Connections, to implement your fully customised home automation system effectively.

Coastal Connections installs both KNX and FIBARO systems. This means we can deliver an affordable and non-invasive solution whether you are building a new home or have an existing traditionally wired home. Our comprehensive support services are available, too, for that extra peace of mind.

Your home. Automated. Simplified
We create automation and control systems that re-imagine the way people interact with technology in their homes. Life gets complicated and busy, but when your home technology is connected into one easy-to-use system, it helps to simplify matters.

We have the products and technology to allow you full control of nearly everything in your home while at home or remotely. Collaborating with our clients has seen the creative side of our design engineers fully engaged.

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Automation Services

• Lighting control
• Temperature control
• Motorised blinds, shutters & shading
• Home appliances
• Entire home audio
• Universal remote
• Video walls and home theatre
• Garden irrigation & sprinklers
• Garage door and gate control
• Remote surveillance
• Security & surveillance
• Keyless entry
• Voice control
• Complete home or office automation

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