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Why Install Outdoor Lighting?

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get out there and still enjoy your outside space when it’s getting cooler and darker in the evenings. Have you thought about installing outdoor lighting? The darker nights mean that you get to experience your garden lighting in all of its beautiful shining glory. How wonderful would it be to look out of your window at night and see the magnificent features of your garden light up, rather than staring at a dark space?


Lighting can make or break a space in any area of your home and this is no different in your outside areas, outdoor lighting can bring life to your garden. Adding lighting to your outside space creates usable space and adds to your indoor/outdoor flow, allowing you to continue utilising your outside space once it starts to get dark.



Your garden lighting design should be thought about differently from your interior lighting. You don’t want to light it up like a football field (unless you actually have a football field), with bright, harsh light, but instead, you do want to create and space to relax in.

Think ambience, mood and soft lighting. For example, Do you have a feature that you want to highlight in your gardens, such as an impressive tree, plant or an architectural feature of your home that you love? If so show it off by illuminating it with outdoor lighting.

The colour temperature of lighting is an important consideration. We suggest that warm lighting is used in outdoor areas. Warm lighting around 2.7K, helps to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere and mimics the soft glow of sunset or sunrise. This can make outdoor spaces feel more comfortable and relaxing. Warm lighting is also less disruptive to our circadian rhythm than cool lighting with blue undertones, so is less likely to interfere with our sleeping patterns.

Another reason to use warm lighting in outdoor areas is that it is less disruptive to animals, wildlife and plant growth as many are sensitive to cool, bright light.

Warm light also produces less light pollution . Excessive artificial lighting blocks out the beauty of the night sky, reducing enjoyment and causing pollution.


Not just for aesthetics, but adding outdoor lighting to your space can add a safety element too, with the use of lights up your stairs, pathways, driveways and above doors.


Whatever your thoughts are about outdoor lighting, its always best to start with clear goals and a plan. If you have any questions about outdoor lighting, please don’t hesitate to send us a message below or via our website or give us a call on 0275286303. If you are based in Auckland we would love to help you out.

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