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Savant Home Automation: Inventive, easy to use, and future-friendly


Savant is a recognised leader in the field of home automation. As the first in the industry to embrace mobile technology, Savant’s customer experience extends well beyond the home and opens up new possibilities for home automation control. Savant premium, smart home automation system has been installed into some of the worlds’ most luxury homes since 2005.


Savant is well known for its high-performance audio-visual systems, which provide exceptional sound quality both inside & out. And offer a whole-home audio experience. A Savant home automation system is the perfect solution for a home theatre, providing high class performance and rich sound.


As well as providing world class audio-visual systems, Savant’s central management system can be integrated with lighting, blinds, HVAC, access control and security, to create a whole home automation system. Personalised for your lifestyle.


The Savant home automation system is simply controlled either via a single app installed onto your smart phone or tablet,  or via the “sleek, one of a kind” Savant Pro X2 Remote.


A Savant home automation system allows you to cultivate the ideal environment for relaxation, hosting parties or sharing moments with family through the use of “scenes” for example: select “movie night” to automatically dim lights, turn on the projector and recline your seats, Or perhaps select “dinner party” to automatically dim lights, and play music at an appropriate sound level.


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