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Let’s talk about the dreaded power bill! We all wish we could pay less on our energy bills, and with winter on its way, we all know we are going to be using more power! so read these quick and easy tips below for ten ways to reduce your power bill.


10 ways to reduce your power bill

  • Use your heat pump effectively and efficiently – heat pumps are economical to run but only if you use them correctly. Read our blog post here to find out how
  • Close your curtains 30 minutes before it gets dark to keep the warmth in and to save you from having to reheat your rooms nice the chill takes hold.
  • Only heat the rooms that you are using
  • Turn off appliances at the socket, don’t leave them on standby!
  • Reduce the length of your shower. according to energy wise if a family of four reduce their shower time down to 5 minutes they could be saving up to $900a year! Big savings! If you are having trouble getting your kids to stick to the new 5 min rule you could always install one of these devices https://www.showerguard.com.au/ If you do fancy one of these let us know!
  • Continue to use your heated towel rail to dry your towels off, but make sure to use a timer! Don’t leave it running 24/7, they can drain so much power.
  • A pretty obvious one but remember to turn off the lights in rooms that you aren’t using.
  • Swap your lights to LEDs. Next week’s Tool Tip Thursday will focus on LED lighting so make sure to check back then!
  • Try to avoid using a clothes dryer and instead hang your washing outside to dry. The sun does wonders for your whites, plus kills off nasties too! If you need to use a dryer follow these tips- always dry a full load – make sure to clean your lint filters – use the fastest spin cycle
  • And last but not least shop around for your energy provider

These may all by pretty obvious and simple things to do, but they really do help to reduce your power bill. Particularly if you can remember to do all of them (easier said than done I know, especially if you have kids)

Next week we will explore why we think LED Lights are amazing, so make sure to check back then.

If you have any questions add a comment down below or contact us here!

According to energy wise if a family of four reduce their shower time down to 5 minutes they could be saving up to $900a year!

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