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Have you ever heard of an arc fault? Or an arc fault detection device? Do you want to keep your family and assets safe? I’m pretty sure you do. If so, read along.


What’s an Arc fault?

An Arc fault within your wiring is due to intermittent connections. Causing the electrical current to jump from one side to the other causing an arc (spark), generating heat and eventually breaking down electrical insulation and igniting surrounding flammable materials. Arc faults are generally caused by poor connections, old wiring and damaged cables. If you hear buzzing or hissing from an outlet point or switch, what you are actually hearing is an arc fault. This buzzing/hissing does not necessarily mean a fire is imminent. But it does need to be investigated and repaired by an electrician to avoid a potential fire.


What’s an Arc fault detection device?

The electrical current produced by an Arc fault is too low to trip a general circuit breaker you may already have installed within your switchboard; this means Arc faults can go by undetected. To avoid this, an Arc fault detection device (AFDD) can be installed into your current switchboard. These devices are designed to disconnect power before an electrical fire starts (PDL by Schneider Electric, 2020), keeping you, your family and your assets safe.


For further information head along to PDL by Schneider Electric’s website 

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