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Residential security represents one of the fastest growing electrical services in Auckland, with more homeowners each year investing in alarm systems to safeguard their family and belongings. 

Home security systems come in a variety of forms, from a simple intruder alarm to a modern CCTV system. At Coastal Connections, we work with you to find the system that best meets your needs, providing a full installation and setup service for peace of mind.

Alarm system

Home Security Alarms

Whether you live alone or have a busy household that is always coming and going, an alarm system is a worthwhile investment. Securing your home with an alarm offers you the confidence to live free of fear, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be alerted at the first sign of an intruder. 

While traditional alarm systems relied on electromagnetic contacts on doors and windows, home security has come a long way in recent years. Wireless and smart house alarms now use infrared sensors and can be accessed entirely online, offering you more flexibility than ever before.

Safeguard your family & belongings.

Home security system installation for your Auckland home.


A popular option which has steadily been gaining popularity in New Zealand, CCTV or closed-circuit-television cameras can be fitted to any residential property. CCTV home security systems are shown to be a great deterrent for potential thieves and are an “eye in the sky” whether you’re at home or away. 

From motion-detector CCTV systems that record onto a hard drive to audio-visual systems that can be accessed remotely via your smart phone, we can recommend the right CCTV solution for your needs and budget. 

Hikvision ColorVu 4K

Full Design Service

A home security system is only as effective as its positioning and installation, which is why we provide every client with a design and install service. With experience fitting alarm systems and CCTV in a wide variety of buildings, we can help identify the weakest points in your home’s security and fit a system that offers the best protection.

If the time has come to improve your home security, contact our team to book an obligation-free consultation. 

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