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LEDlightingWhy switch to LED?

So you’re maybe asking yourself why you should switch your light bulbs and downlights to LED? Especially since the upfront cost is more than the old standard. So I thought I would share with you the benefits of switching to LED, of which there are many! And these benefits far outweigh the upfront cost too.



Less energy

First things first, and the biggest reason in my opinion. They use less energy than the standard equivalent incandescent, halogen or fluorescent, up to 80% less energy in fact! (Westinghouse Lighting, 2019) Less energy means lower bills and who wouldn’t want to spend less money on bills.  Which leads us to the next benefit, they can save you money.



Save money

As discussed, switching to LED’s saves you money on your energy bills but did you know that LED’s also last up to 25% longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs. This means you do not need to replace them as often, equaling more savings!



Better for the environment LEDs better for the environment

Switching to LED is not only better for your bank balance but for the environment too. As LED’s last longer they will need to replaced less frequently, so less packaging is used. Also, less transport will be required, helping to lower co2 emissions.


Another advantage for the environment and our health is the fact that LED lights, unlike fluorescents, do not contain toxic mercury. When fluorescents are disposed of there’s a risk of earth contamination with mercury, which can be extremely harmful to humans, fish, and wildlife (Ministry for the Environment, 2008)



Less Heat

LED loose only 5% energy to heat, compared to fluorescent lights which convert 95% of energy to heat and only 5% to light! (Serco solar lighting, 2013) again meaning they use less energy, but also means they don’t get as hot as the alternatives. Which is great if you have children.


Gone are the days when LEDs only came in bright clinical white. They now pretty much look the same as the bulbs they are replacing. LED come in a variety of forms to suit your needs, from vintage Edison style bulbs to downlights. You can also choose the warmth of light to suit your space and requirements and many brands are dimmable too.

All in all, switching to LEDs is a no brainer! They will save you money, they are better for the environment, safer around kids and can still give you the look you want to achieve! So go for it and make the switch today!


If you would like more information about switching your lighting over to

LED, please get in touch here or leave us a comment down below.

Or if your are interested to find out other ways to reduce your energy bill, check out our blog post: 10 ways to reduce your power bill

LED's use up to 80% less energy (Westinghouse Lighting, 2019)


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