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Enhancing Energy Efficiency with Smart Home Lighting

By February 9, 2024March 14th, 2024No Comments

Smart home technology is one of the fastest-growing upgrades in Kiwi homes, and Coastal Connections is at the forefront, offering innovative solutions for our customers in Auckland and beyond. 

The rising cost of living has made many homeowners take stock of their expenses and start looking toward the future. With energy prices set to continue rising, a one-off investment in smart home automation is often a savvy choice, more than paying for itself over time. 

Energy efficient, convenient, customisable, and with the added benefit of increased safety, smart home lighting is a great way to upgrade and future-proof your home.

Smart Homeowners Choose Smart Technology

All smart home lighting solutions require sophisticated technology. At Coastal Connections, we install Lutron HomeWorks and Savant systems, as they offer unparalleled control and customisation. 

Lutron HomeWorks is known for its reliability and integration capabilities, which allow homeowners to tailor their lighting for different occasions. With features like adaptive dimming and energy monitoring, it takes the guesswork out of achieving the perfect lighting. 

Savant has an intuitive user interface and seamless compatibility with Apple HomeKit, making it a favourite among tech-savvy users. It can be integrated with your lighting, HVAC and even your blinds, all from a single app. 

So, whether you want to automate your lighting or your whole home, we have a system that can make it a reality. 

The Power of LED Lighting

An integral feature of any smart home lighting system, LED bulbs are significantly more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs and are also infinitely more durable. With a less efficient method for producing light, incandescent bulbs burn out quicker, lasting approximately 1,200 hours compared to LED bulbs 50,000+.

Smart home lighting uses LED bulbs as standard, with plenty of variety in shape, size and colour to personalise the output to your needs. 

Unlock Energy-Saving Potential In Your Home

You’re likely already beginning to see how smart home lighting and automation reduce your energy bill. Between the efficient LED bulbs and lighting on-demand, you can drastically reduce energy waste. 

For example, you can automate your lighting with integrated scheduling or geofencing, meaning lights are enabled and deactivated based on the parameters you set. No more teenagers leaving their lights on while they’re at school or forgetting to flick the switch off before you head off on holiday. Control it all from your mobile with the touch of a button. 

Beyond Energy Savings

Of course, it’s not just the power bill that makes homeowners convert to smart home lighting, there are a great range of other added benefits to enjoy.

  • Convenience: Create a home that anticipates your needs. Control lights remotely or automate them to turn on and off during pre-set periods of the day.
  • Safety: Schedule your lights to automatically turn on when you arrive home or set up motion sensors or timed lighting for added security while you’re away.
  • Customisation: Personalise lighting to create the perfect ambience or “mood” for different times of day.
  • Aesthetics: With state-of-the-art technology, your smart lighting solutions complement the attention to detail you prize within your home.

Get Started With Smart Home Lighting

With so many upsides to upgrading your lighting system, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a growing demand across the Auckland region. If you’re interested in exploring it as a home improvement or as part of your new build, Coastal Connections is here to help. 

Learn more about how smart home lighting can help you achieve your energy-saving goals, or book your free consultation today. 

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